Boucherne Staff
Our well trained and experienced staff are the key to ensuring our residents get the help they need in every aspect of their lives, from gentle minimum support to total care.
Our manager, Ann Barlow, has over twenty years experience of managing care homes and is registered with the Care Quality Commission. Ann leads a team of  five supervisors (Senior Carers) and some twenty four Care staff, some of whom have been with us for between ten and twenty years. Staff training and development is ongoing and continually updated. All our staff care about their work and the well being of the residents and make the home what it is today        
Mealtimes are important focal points in the day, not only to enjoy good food but also a chance to meet and talk in a pleasant environment. Meals are served in the two dining rooms (or in residents' rooms, if preferred).  All meals are freshly cooked with supplies bought from local butchers, fishmongers, greengrocers and supermarkets.
Anni, Boucherne's cook, goes out of her way to ensure everyone is well fed and serves an enviable range of menus, from old fashioned favourites to more modern cuisine. She also produces wonderful buffets for our Christmas Party and other special occasions
Our menus change weekly and seasonally. There are  choices for every course at most meals and alternatives can usually be arranged on request; all dietary needs and preferences are catered for. On their birthday, residents choose to have their favourite meal cooked for everyone to enjoy and may have their family join them to celebrate
Recognising that as well as care and companionship, having things to do during the day can make all the difference to a sense of happiness and well-being, we offer a wide variety of activities. These include the library, television, the internet (using Skype to see and talk to family and friends), cards, board games, jigsaws, music, the book club and walking or sitting  in the gardens. We also go to the  theatre, lunch concerts, pubs and restaurants. Every year we have a Garden Party and a Christmas Party to which all families and friends are invited 
Religious services
Residents are free to follow any religion or none and will be helped to maintain the practice of their choice. We have close connections with St Andrews Chuch in Heybridge, who hold a communion service each month at Boucherne and Easter and Christmas services.
Support Agencies
To  ensure our residents receive the best possible care, Boucherne has access to a wide range of external professionals.These include;

  • General Practioners - Residents choose between two GP practices in Maldon. A GP from one practice visits each week
  • District Nurses - Provided through GP practices, district nurses visit most days to advise on and supervise     residents' care and treatment
  • Dentist - The dentist in Heybridge provides services to residents and attends as requested
  • Chiropodist - There is a choice of two chiropodists who visit regularly
  • Massage Therapist - Boucherne provides a massage therapist who spends a short time with the residents for simple massage, such as for hands and feet. Residents may purchase a longer, private treatment
  • Optician - A local optician visits as required and for annual check up
  • Hairdressing - A local hairdresser visits weekly
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