Welcome to Boucherne
Welcome to Boucherne, where we have been privileged to provide a home for our residents since 1988.
We aim to create a happy, secure environment where the worries of everyday living are removed, in which our residents can live their lives as fully as they are able and  as they choose. Boucherne is a home, not an institution, the most frequent comment from visitors is ' how homely it feels'.
Our twenty four resident men and women come to live with us either because they would like company and companionship, or because they need professional help.  We offer the security and peace of mind that we will provide the care that's needed, for life.
All our residents are encouraged to make Boucherne their own, to be as active and independent as they wish – both in and out of the home-and we encourage everyone to maintain old interests and develop new ones. Our well trained staff provide as much or as little help and care as each individual needs, combining respect for privacy with kindness, consideration and expertise 
Please get in touch with our manager to find out more.

Satyan and Vaishali Pala    Proprietors

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